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Look for reversible patterns of symbols in this retro-styled mobile puzzler. A game that respects you and your intelligence.

A more fully-expanded version of the original  prototype. Does not use text at all, so you can learn to play no matter  what language you speak.


Android Download:

{<>} (It's whatever you think it is)

A  co-operative tabletop card-based RPG about maintaining a fictional  relationship, with simplistic rorschach tests. Created for the Heartbeat 2018 48-hour Game Jam (by Blushbox), with Nicholas Staracek (Twitter / Site), Erika Verkaaik - (Twitter / Site), and Aaron Williams (Twitter / Site).

In May 2018, this game won the Freeplay  Independent Games Festival award for Non-Digital game, and was a  finalist for Excellence in Narrative (heck yes!)

Download here:


Everything that is weird about me is only because I'm autistic, and no other reason.

A puzzle game.

I  made this for Global Game Jam February 2018. It helped me process a lot  of feelings I was having around that time. But it was very personal,  and I am only comfortable with releasing it now, in March 2019.


Don't Die

Villainous  flying robots attack our plucky hero. What can he do? Tackle them out  of the air and throw them at each other! Set of a chain reaction by  hurling them into clusters of foes. For every enemy you defeat, you can  jump in mid-air again. Land and your multiplier gets added to your  score. Just try not to get shot, or you lose your multiplier.

And try not to die. Strange things happen when you do...

Made in Oct 2010 with GameMaker 6.


The Underground

A 1-button game with no instruction. How do you play? What's the goal? I leave that up to you.

I apologise to colourblind people, as the game may be much harder for you to play. I'll do better next time.

Made in Dec 2009 with GameMaker 6.




Perplexing palindrome puzzles, played patiently. UFOTOFU has been reworked for a hexagonal grid! Again, no timer, no text, colourblind friendly, and autosaving after every turn.

This is my first commercial game, and my first game with Inflorescent Games Co-op. I am immensely proud of it.



Prototypes and other weird stuff

Shatter Clock

A short experiment in minimalist "game" design.

Uses arrow keys.

Made in 2018 with Love2D.


Zen Planets

A gentle game about tiny planetoids in a zen garden. All interaction is done with hovering the mouse (no clicking), and scrolling the wheel to zoom.

Created in Unity3D for Global Game Jam 2017 (Theme: Waves) with art by Ilaria Youkhana. It was fun, but remains unfinished.

Download on the Global Game Jam site or here

Euclid Was A Square (PICO-8 prototype)

Navigate a non-Euclidean maze. Try to find the exit. Then try to make sure it's big enough for you to leave. Or is it you that's getting smaller?

This is less of a game and more of a cool experiment with flimsy gameplay hastily pasted on top.

A weird toy for the PICO-8. I made this for the Sydney NSI Game Jam 11 in October 2016. It can be played on the PICO-8 website at or on at

Ufo Tofu (PICO-8 prototype)

Aliens are hungry for Ufo Tofu! Make symbol palindromes on a Bejeweld-like board. Snake your cursor around the field to find mirrored patterns. Be careful, though, as the aliens will eat the first palindrome you show them, even if it's shorter than intended.

A puzzle game for the PICO-8. I made this for the NSI Game Jam 10 in August 2016. It can be played on the PICO-8 website at


A puzzle game about connections. You know several people are all interconnected through relationships. You can see what gender partners each person is directly dating (balloon, star, water, and rainbow, obviously) and if you select someone, you can see who their partners are dating (the selected person's "metamors").


The game completely works, and every puzzle is solvable, but the theming was proving too difficult, and the game just wasn't particularly fun in the first place. Soon after, I made the far more successful prototype of UfoTofU, and I had to say farewell to this idea.

Created in Unity3D in mid-2016

Download here for both the windows executable and the android apk.

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